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The word “luxury” may stem from the Latin word “lux” meaning light, but the concept of luxury has undergone a rapid metamorphosis in recent times. Luxury defined goes well beyond aesthetics, rarity, craftsmanship, legacy and style. It is simultaneously conservative and contemporary, extravagant and minimalist, vintage and modern, elite and accessible—it is art and science, it is industry and philosophy.

True luxury is the desire for excellence, unmatched quality and extraordinary value manifested and no longer the privileged domain of the upwardly mobile few. Today, the luxury goods and services market is a competitive, highly developed and constantly evolving sphere of commerce where price plays second fiddle to innovation and sharp insight.

The Luxury Brands Directory has been engineered to restore a new order to our fragmented family of over 1 million top-tier designers, manufacturers, producers, distributors, advertisers and agents. Our individual and collective success hinges on our ability to evolve with the times and stay relevant. Despite the changing economic climate the luxury market still continues to enjoy unprecedented growth across all sectors and consumer demand has never shone so fiercely.

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