VIP Executive Services

VIP Executive Services



VIP Executive Services is a professional yet very flexible company. We bring our expertise and match this with your needs and the result is a perfect program, every time!

We specialize in moving people, anywhere in the world including celebrities, corporate executives, media, governmental representatives, and anyone or group who needs safe, secure and effective transportation. We can handle all logistics to safely transport 1 to 1,000 people.

Our talented and highly trained staff is prepared to meet your goals and expectations as outlined for your event.
We can handle all ground transportation logistics throughout your event including meet and greet inside the airport, airport pick-up and drop-off, shuttle and personal transportation. We are able to accommodate and support your event requirements ranging from a few hours to several weeks.

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Phone: (210) 680-6123
Fax: (210) 681-7665
Toll Free: (800) 726-6462