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Truth Coffee



Truth Coffee Cult

TRUTH is not just another swanky coffee joint in the oh-so-suave part of town, but a passionate time-traveling Barista’s Steampunk dream come true.

One of the most passionate coffee evangelists, David Donde, who played a key role in saving Cape Town from a horrific plague of average coffee in 2006, is spreading the TRUTH once again. The launch of the TRUTH Headquarters on 36 Buitenkant Street was great news for the many followers of the thriving coffee cult, and means that more uninitiated souls have an opportunity to experience what the best coffee is Cape Town really tastes like. Flavour, not bitterness, and no sugar required. Java nirvana.

Visit Truth. Coffee HQ
36 Buitenkant
Cape Town

Phone: +27 +21 2000 440