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Mauke V



Following a career in the European fashion industry, designer Maureen Vorswijk began designing her own signature lingerie and clothing pieces and later, birthed MAUKE V in January 2011.

Drawing inspiration from her love of art, photography, ancient times and her family, Maureen Vorswijk uses a collection of diverse materials; including sterling silver, gold and hand-picked African gemstones; to create exquisite and unique jewellery items for women.

Striving to create bold statement pieces with a timeless appeal, MAUKE V jewellery speaks to the inner strength and female confidence of its wearers.

Two MAUKE V collections, Afrik & Silver and My Alter Ego have received high acclaim amongst consumers and the greater fashion and jewellery industries.  Afrik & Silver embodies the designer’s childhood memories and experiences of her trips to Suriname and Nigeria, where My Alter Ego translates the hidden mystery of a woman. Both collections use a blend of premium materials in bold textures to deliver luxury statement pieces.

For more information, contact Maureen Vorswijk:

T: +31(0)6-43030856



t: @maukevjewelry