Luxury Brands Marketing

Luxury Brands Marketing



Luxury Brands is a dynamic brand building agency co-owned by Jeremy Nel & Annette Cowley-Nel.

Together, Jeremy and Annette have over 20 years of highly successful local and international marketing experience, with a proven track record and an exclusive client base that is managed with a high level of personalised service.

The agency comprises a focused team of chosen professionals, all motivated and geared towards offering a comprehensive and justifiable turn-key marketing solution.

The Luxury Brands team are known to be the very best in their field, and have been instrumental in launching and positioning some of the most successful luxury brands and businesses in South Africa.

At Luxury Brands it’s about results. Results achieved by our professional team designing and implementing innovative marketing and sales solutions that ultimately lead to targeted brand visibility, product sales and importantly bottom line profit.

Telephone: +27 021 702 3436
E-mail: Jeremy@luxurybrands.co.za