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According to Coco Chanel, “Perfume is the unseen but unforgettable and ultimate
fashion accessory. It heralds a woman’s arrival and prolongs her departure.”

No two people are alike and no two people have the same body chemistry. The
fragrance you wear should be enjoyable to your own senses, and also share a bit
about you with those you come into contact with in your day to day life.

Frazer Parfum is at the forefront on one of life’s ultimate luxuries – a stunning
fragrance that is customised entirely for you, painstakingly crafted through a series of
consultations and lovingly developed to express and compliment the individuality of
the customer.

Perfumers who are willing to spend hours in their laboratory conducting tests for a
perfume which will always remain private, are a rare breed. It is both a personal and
financial investment which cannot be rationalised, but rather emotionally embraced
in the final product.


The journey starts with a map of the world. Together we plot the history of the client’s
lineage. Next we consider the childhood, where it was spent and exploring fond
memories. Continuing through the series of questions we arrive at the lifestyle the
client presently leads. Considering personal style, history, memories and travel I
start to map an odor profile. Technical questions are also considered such as diet,
skincare, medication and allergies.

The information gleaned from the consultations are systematically plotted on a life
map, factoring in many diverse elements such as weather patterns, local flora and
produce. Raw materials are the hand selected and introduced to the client for scent
association feedback.

The scent journey. This is an opportunity to experience all the natural raw materials.
The client will be presented with the scent families, such as a day dedicated to floral
notes or citrus and spice. Slowly and instinctively a central idea will develop, an
inspiration seeded in provenance. I then take this idea, extrapolate it and present
various options from which the client can mix or match and we eventually end up
with a handcrafted, personal fragrance, uniquely named and which expresses the
individuality of each client.


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