Charles Greig Jewellers

Charles Greig Jewellers



Jewellery, standing as the ultimate symbol of luxury,  is synonymous with pleasure, grandeur and celebration. Founded in 1899, Charles Greig Jewellers have set themselves apart from the rest with their emphasis on quality and expertise, the spectacular Charles Greig Collections are designed as a tribute to the glamour and luxury that luxury personifies.

At present, Charles Greig Jewellers, is still a family business and is run by his three highly esteemed grandsons.  ‘We are proud of our family history, especially as we have been around for almost as long as Johannesburg itself,’ says Christopher. ‘We are traditional but not old-fashioned. In every way we reflect what is happening in the jewellery industry worldwide while, at the same time, we continue to express our uniqueness as a South African company with a distinguished heritage.’


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Hyde Park
Shop U34, Upper Mall, Hyde Park Corner,
Jan Smuts Avenue, Hyde Park, Gauteng, South Africa.
Tel:  +27 (11) 325 4477
Fax: +27 (11) 325 5000

Shop U119b, The Michelangelo on Nelson Mandela Square,
Rivonia Road, Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
Tel: +27 (11) 783 2714
Fax:+27 (11) 883 9394

V & A Waterfront
Shop 6224, Victoria Wharf, V & A Waterfront,
Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: +27 (21) 418 4515
Fax:+27 (21) 418 4509

Brooklyn Mall
Greig & Meinke, Shop 100, The Brooklyn Mall,
Pretoria, Tshwane, South Africa
Tel: +27 (12) 460 7415
Fax: +27 (12) 460 7418

The Palace
The Palace of the Lost City, Sun City, North West
Province, South Africa
Tel: +27 (14) 557 3224 / 552 1570
Fax:+27 (14) 652 1580