Yves Saint Laurent’s Four Decades Celebrated by Gold Fragrance

  1. Jeremy
  2. November 8, 2017 7:30 pm

Yves Saint Laurent’s Four Decades Celebrated by Gold Fragrance


Artist and gilder Manuela Paul-Cavallier was enlisted by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté to update its legendary, iconic bottle for the “Opium” fragrance. The brief was to create a bottle that expresses modern sensibilities to commemorate the brand’s 40 years of accomplishment and boldness.

Using her skill as a gilt restorer, Paul-Cavallier revised the bottle with pointed brushes, while applying numerous and scrupulous methods to craft an end-product of striking gold. The symbol of a metal object is emblematic of Yves Saint Laurent’s dear past.

The anniversary scent suggests memories from the story, based on the Opium fragrance from 1977. It conjures the idea of the addiction to life and love, described as “translating the passion that can unite two people right from their first spellbinding look.”

Taking inspiration from small Japanese lacquered cases called inrō, the “Opium” bottle features a black silk tassel, accented by a bead for couture embellishment.

The fragrance’s bottle is crafted to look daring, with the selected faces of the Opium women, feisty, audacious, possessed of unquestionable attitude. Jerry Hall, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss and, recently, Emily Blunt, have been the face of the fragrance in recent years.

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