Three Exquisite New Scents Join The Exclusive Bentley Beyond Collection

  1. Jeremy
  2. September 28, 2020 4:08 pm

Three Exquisite New Scents Join The Exclusive Bentley Beyond Collection


Bentley Fragrances has just revealed three lovely new scents as part of its exclusive Bentley Beyond collection. They are Radiant Osmanthus – a fruity floral scent; Mellow Heliotrope – a delicately powdery scent; Vibrant Hibiscus – an exuberant floral scent.

Each subtle yet exquisite scent is encased in an opulent, heavy glass bottle, with a thick base. Taking cues from the signature cut-crystal headlights of the Bentley Continental GT, the glass exudes a satin-like aesthetic. Each bottle is completed with a unique cap featuring coloured suede detailing with the name of the scent itself included.

This elegant new catalogue of scents for trailblazing women will satisfy their appreciation of best-in-class materials, exacting craftsmanship and authenticity. For such discerning customers, a fragrance must be a personal statement and a true expression of who they are.

Here are the specific details:

  • Three unique perfumes composed to express the individual character of the woman who chooses them
  • Each scent showcases the characteristics of a different exotic flower
  • The frosted-glass bottle is inspired by the signature cut-crystal headlights of the Continental GT, with suede detailing on the bottle cap
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