The Ringly Luxe: A Ring That’s Not What it Seems

  1. Jeremy
  2. June 13, 2017 12:03 pm

The Ringly Luxe: A Ring That’s Not What it Seems


With its stunning, emerald-cut Moonstone set in a 14k rose gold-plated base, the Ringly Luxe strikes a beautiful pose jewellery-wise. But not everything is what it seems with this striking piece…

Coming in a diverse range of designs featuring singular semi-precious stones including Amazonite, Howlite, Purple Jade and Tourmalated Quartz, the lovely ring is really a fitness tracker. And it comes available in gold-plating, gunmetal stainless steel and stainless steel.

Five lights and four vibration settings allow the wearer to customise alerts. This allows you to see every message and notification from your personal smartphone.

The fitness tracker is currently only compatible with iPhone 5 and later generations, or Android 4.3 and up. By downloading the Ringly app you’ll be able to chart your fitness progress and set goals in your quest for health. The ring charts your steps for the day, distance walked and total calories expended.


It’s also water resistant, and, depending on your usage, the battery life of the Ringly Luxe lasts up to 48 hours.

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