The Dwell Acacia Collection is an Education in Subtle Style

  1. Jeremy
  2. September 13, 2017 9:00 am

The Dwell Acacia Collection is an Education in Subtle Style


The Dwell Acacia Collection bucks the monochromatic trend with dark wood, affording your space a facet of depth and simple beauty. The collection achieves this by pairing Scandinavian style and industrial design precision, seamlessly and beautifully.

Making use of natural red Acacia wood, the striking furniture features brushed steel and gold finishes that have just enough dazzle to enliven your room, while still retaining style subtlety.

The collection is very much rustic and utilises durable materials. Simple and clean, each piece forms part of the whole while exuding its own particular character.


One of Bornincolour’s best sellers is also the star of the show. Named the Dwell Acacia Television console, it’s a lovely housing piece for your home entertainment hub.

With a suggestion of metal, the console exemplifies the collection and its use of design accents. Another lovely piece is the Dwell Acacia study desk, a piece that is also on the company’s best seller list, so stock may be limited!

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