‘The Car of the Future’ to be Immortalised

  1. Jeremy
  2. October 11, 2016 12:57 pm

‘The Car of the Future’ to be Immortalised


The Buick Y-Job is the world’s first concept car on record and is finally being added to the National Historic Vehicle Register (NHVR). It was called The Car of the Future at the time, and the Y-Job title was a label chosen by renowned designer Harley J. Earl.

The vehicle’s creation was supervised by Earl, the legend that created the Chevrolet Corvette, the wraparound windshield, two-tone paint finishes as a standard production feature, tailfins and the use of clay to craft physical models of cars before going into production. With his achievements in mind, the Y-Job really was ‘the shape of things to come.’

“Harley Earl and the Buick Y-Job expanded the boundaries of car design and drew the blueprint for concept vehicle design and execution,” commented GM Global Design Vice President Michael Simcoe. “We thank the HVA for ensuring the world’s first concept car is documented and preserved for future generations.”

The Y-Job is just the 14th motor vehicle to be added to the register which is supported by the US Library of Congress and is the first to have been digitally preserved at the new HVA National Laboratory in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Over and above scanning and photography studios, the new facility also boasts a test track that the HVA will use to record the sounds and aerodynamic movements of legendary cars as part of the preservation procedure.

“The Buick Y-Job is a true American design treasure and an incredibly appropriate vehicle to document during our National Laboratory grand opening,” said HVA President Mark Gessler.

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