The 247 Billiards Table by Porsche Design Studio

  1. Jeremy
  2. August 25, 2014 6:00 am

The 247 Billiards Table by Porsche Design Studio

r3Behold the 247 Billiards Table by eminent brand, the Porsche Design Studio. Founded in 1972 by Alexander Porsche, the lead designer of the Porsche 911, the studio’s typical – read: appealing – minimalist aesthetic is present, and as desirable as ever. Clean lines, a sleek body, and simplistic, muted hues all coalesce to create a table that holds 247 billiards and is unlike any other.

r4Its contemporary body is constructed of stainless steel and finished with a luminous Corian. Highly customisable, you’ve got over 30 varying colours to choose from with its cloth having more than 20 – this ensures that you’ll be able to find a combination to complement any decor.

r2Each table is handmade in Austria in either a 7 or 8 foot long version with matching cue rack, four cues, a triangle, and a set of Aramith balls (used by the United States Professional Poolplayers Association and many other professional leagues).

r1To make sure that the playing surface is 100% level, a three-piece panel of slate has been placed beneath the cloth, giving each player the assurance of a true shot.*
Priced: $29,500

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