Stunning Burmese Ruby Ring Shatters Auction House Record

  1. Jeremy
  2. December 6, 2017 3:37 pm

Stunning Burmese Ruby Ring Shatters Auction House Record


Chiswick Auctions shattered a house record for the highest price garnered for a jewellery lot. The beautiful 6.51 carat Burmese ruby was purchased for a remarkable £147,600.

Following close to a week of public viewing, including Chiswick Auctions’ new South Kensington branch, the salesroom was a hive of activity on the day with bidders in the room and bids from all over the world being fielded by the inundated team.
After fourteen telephone lines competed for the large ruby ring, the auction hammer slammed down at £120,000 to an anonymous buyer.

“The moment we saw the ring I knew that this was something of exceptional quality and importance. The vendor worked with us closely to market the ruby in a way which maximised appeal and resulted in widespread international exposure.” says Sarah Duncan, Head of Jewellery.

The 6.51 carat Burmese ruby and diamond cluster ring was confirmed by two reports, both validating the origin of the stone from Burma and the fact that it had not been heat treated.

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