Stunning Bremont Chronograph Commemorates Boeing’s 100th Anniversary

  1. Jeremy
  2. January 8, 2018 7:06 pm

Stunning Bremont Chronograph Commemorates Boeing’s 100th Anniversary


Bremont has announced the release of the beautifully crafted, limited edition Bremont Boeing 100.

The Boeing 100 mechanical watch, limited to only 300 units, harks back to the early days of aviation with the beloved Boeing ‘Totem’ logo proudly present on its dark vintage brown dial.

In recognition of Boeing’s leading position as a commercial aircraft manufacturer, carbon fibre composite from the historically significant and technologically advanced Boeing Dreamliner flying testbed aircraft, ZA004, can be found integrated into the crown of each timepiece.

The anniversary timepiece is manufactured from Boeing aviation-grade Ti 6-4 titanium, a special metal that is significantly stronger than commercial titanium and used widely in both airframes and engine components within the aerospace industry.

The distinctive brown colour of the Boeing 100 was inspired by a cockpit colour often used in the older Boeing aircraft called ‘Boeing Brown’ which was reportedly designed to make the cockpits more relaxing to be in. The hue also has that more vintage Bakelite look and feel of the older controls.

The Boeing 100 is a mechanical GMT chronograph housing the BE-54AE chronometer rated movement. The timepiece has a 43mm hardened Ti 6-4 titanium case, a beautifully coloured vintage brown dial (a first for Bremont), and is wonderfully framed by an off-white scratch-resistant sapphire bezel. The sapphire crystal exhibition case-back showcases the beautifully finished movement.

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