Special Edition Meisterstück Le Petit Prince by Montblanc

  1. Jeremy
  2. April 12, 2018 9:00 am

Special Edition Meisterstück Le Petit Prince by Montblanc


This month, German luxury legend Montblanc is releasing the much-anticipated Special Edition Meisterstück Le Petit Prince. This elegant offering combines a classic gifting favourite with the cultural importance of genius literary minds.

Taking inspiration from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s poetic story, the Meisterstück Le Petit Prince emphasises the importance of education and the sharing of ideas.

Montblanc has long been championing the arts by recognising icons who have put time and effort into perfecting their craft. The Special Edition Meisterstück comes in three types: ballpoint pen, roller ball, and fountain pen. The lovely writing instrument features an 18k bi-colour nib, focusing attention on the outline of the Little Prince and the fox embellishment.

The Special Edition Meisterstück embodies the much-loved book that spins the tale of “a young prince and the fox who enlightens him about the importance of close bonds and human relationships, revealing the core wisdom learned from his own life’s experiences.”


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