Sleek, Stylish, Speedy: Lexus Sport Yacht

  1. Jeremy
  2. September 14, 2018 9:24 am

Sleek, Stylish, Speedy: Lexus Sport Yacht


Lexus has announced it plans to produce a premium yacht for sale worldwide, building on the success of the Lexus Sport Yacht concept. The production commitment was made by Toyota Motor Corporation executive vice president Shigeki Tomoyama while accepting a special award for the concept from Japan’s Boat of the Year committee.

Mr Tomoyama, whose responsibilities include Toyota Marine, said sales would start in the second half of next year, citing the amazing experiences in engineering, building, testing and showing the Lexus Sport Yacht concept last year. “We’ve decided to take the next bold step of producing an all-new larger yacht that builds on the advanced nature of the concept while adding more comfort and living space,” Mr Tomoyama said.

While the concept was 42-feet long, the production version is planned as a larger 65-foot sport fly-bridge cruiser with luxury staterooms below deck and entertaining space for up to 15 guests. Connected services using the company’s new mobility services platform will provide security, smartphone integration, remote diagnostics and maintenance, and other services. Specifications, pricing, and other details will be announced later.

The Lexus Sport Yacht concept, unveiled in January 2017, was conceived by Lexus Design to explore new areas of luxury and active lifestyles. It was engineered by the Toyota Marine Division and a single running proof-of-concept was built in partnership with renowned boat manufacturers Marquis-Larson. The new boat builds on that partnership.

The hull, inner structure and superstructure of the Lexus Sport Yacht concept were made of hand-laid carbon-fibre fabric, vacuum-infused with two-part polyurethane resin. The bespoke open sport cruiser was powered by two marine versions of the Lexus 2UR-GSE 5.0-litre performance V8 engine as used in the high-performance Lexus RC F coupe, GS F sedan and LC 500 grand tourer.





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