Rolls-Royce Launches A Peerless Privacy Suite For Our Hyper-Connected Digital World

  1. Jeremy
  2. March 30, 2021 3:01 pm

Rolls-Royce Launches A Peerless Privacy Suite For Our Hyper-Connected Digital World


In our hyper-connected digital world, privacy is an increasingly rare occurrence. Indeed, its scarcity has promoted fully assured solitude to a high luxury commodity. In this spirit, Rolls-Royce Phantom patrons – powerbrokers, giants of industry, and entrepreneurs – were attracted to the marque to design a space that allows them effortless privacy and unmatched indulgence.

The response was Phantom Privacy Suite. A discreet retreat in which world-changing decisions can be considered or historical contracts negotiated with absolute confidentiality.

Phantom Privacy Suite draws on the primary link between luxury and technology at Rolls-Royce, enabled by the marque’s Bespoke Collective of designers, engineers and craftspeople. The integration of electro-chromatic glass allows the front and rear cabins to be visually separated at the touch of a button. Rear passengers are given the ability to see through the glass and onto the road ahead or to immediately transform the glass to opaque. Moreover, powered privacy curtains and rear privacy glass close the loop, guaranteeing that there is no line-of-sight to the rear suite.

Privacy Suite uses additional acoustic damping to increase the sound isolation in Phantom, already considered to be the world’s most silent motor car. To achieve the highest possible levels of acoustic insulation, a frequency-specific compound hinders the transmission of conversations in the rear cabin to the front. To communicate with the client’s chauffeur, the marque’s engineers integrated an intercom system, controlled by the rear passenger at the push of a button. Should the chauffeur need to speak with the rear passenger, they are able to ‘call’ occupants in the Privacy Suite, who can choose to answer or reject the communication.

In addition, a large aperture controlled solely by the rear passenger allows documents or other objects to be passed easily between the front and rear. When open, the aperture is discretely illuminated to ensure passengers are satisfied with the nature of the documents or objects before they are received.

For more information on the Phantom Privacy Suite, view the full press release here.








All images courtesy of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

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