Richard Mille’s Newest Store is an Architectural Marvel

  1. Jeremy
  2. November 2, 2018 9:01 am

Richard Mille's Newest Store is an Architectural Marvel


Richard Mille’s biggest boutique has just opened its doors in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. The newest shrine to Richard Mille timepieces is 4,200-square-feet across two floors and is as cutting edge as the horological marvels it houses. Boasting 24 giant panels of glass — accumulating to somewhere near 37,000 pounds — the exterior is a magnificent architectural and engineering accomplishment.

“From the company’s earliest days, a standalone boutique in New York City has been a top objective for me. But I am never one to rush a project if it isn’t perfect. For New York, where the boutique is an important showcase with global visibility, it was well worth waiting for just the right location, and the right space,” comments Richard Mille, founder and CEO.

With slick contemporary design, awash in abundant natural light, the boutique reflects a new architectural standard for the watchmaker. The flagship store is situated on a stretch of 57th Street that enjoys the nickname “Billionaire’s Row”.



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