Princess Yachts’ 2020 Trade Report Shows Exceptional Performance

  1. Jeremy
  2. December 31, 2020 1:33 pm

Princess Yachts' 2020 Trade Report Shows Exceptional Performance


Despite the worldwide pandemic, Princess Yachts was able to quickly return to full production. Having proactively put in place a controlled shutdown in March across all manufacturing sites, the company invested heavily in recasting its Health and Safety protocols, adapting the production process to social distancing and implementing new, safer ways of working for their valued employees.

Princess also reconfigured its heritage site at South Yard, moving from single station production of its M Class models to a seven-station build of its revolutionary ‘Superfly’ X Class flagship yacht platform, putting the company in a good position to achieve its projected growth.

Antony Sheriff, Executive Chairman, Princess Yachts, elaborated on the company’s exceptional performance in 2020: “During an exceptionally challenging and unpredictable past year, the grit and adaptability of the Princess team has enabled us to build upon our previous years of solid financial figures and allowed us to invest for growth to secure our future success. We are capitalising on our nine new product launches in the last two years culminating in the flagship X95 this year. We have a lot more in store in the next two years with a further eleven new launches including our gorgeous Y72 Motor Yacht and revolutionary X80 Superfly, sister to the X95. Our customer base has been overwhelmingly positive towards these new launches and our sales rate continues to be extremely robust. Despite the fact that the 2020 financial results will be impacted by an 8-week shutdown in March, we go into 2021 with strong demand outstripping supply; historic low stock levels; full order books for 2021 and much of 2022; and our boatyards in and around Plymouth working at maximum capacity with record employment.’

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