Nymph by Versace and Rosenthal

  1. Jeremy
  2. August 10, 2017 3:18 pm

Nymph by Versace and Rosenthal


They came together in 1992, and since then the celebrated partnership of Versace and Rosenthal has given forth the finest in porcelain, crystal and cutlery creations. Where there is excellence and supreme craftsmanship, you’ll find Versace and Rosenthal.

The two companies complement each other wonderfully. Rosenthal is esteemed for creating significantly luxurious tableware, while Versace is well-known for its peerless style. Together, the two have designed sophisticated tableware and gift collections that have travelled the world and become prized possessions of the discerning wealthy.

The newest release, entitled Nymph, is a homage to the fashion collections of Versace, and comes in a wide range of beautiful shades.

The juxtaposition of round and streamlined forms is accentuated by glittering gold, pure white, and petrol blue, red, taupe, turquoise and dark green.

All of the exclusive Nymphs are embellished with the Medusa emblem as a signature. The collection is extremely limited edition with just 49 items per vase worldwide.

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