Marine Mega Yacht Is A Special Edition Platinum Marvel By Ulysse Nardin

  1. Jeremy
  2. July 3, 2019 5:03 pm

Marine Mega Yacht Is A Special Edition Platinum Marvel By Ulysse Nardin


In the spirit of a luxury mega yacht, the new Marine Mega Yacht timepiece (crafted in platinum in a special edition of just 30 pieces) is regulated by a flying tourbillon equipped with a cage modeled on a latest-generation ship’s propeller. Intrinsically connected to the concept of the mega yacht, this watch features a 3-dimensional “grand feu” enamel dial, reminiscent of a ship’s bow carving a path through the waves. A precise representation of the Moon with an ultra-detailed surface sits across from a sophisticated tide indicator, while an anchor attached to the windlass at 12 o’clock rises and falls to reflect the power reserve.

With this limited edition marvel, Ulysse Nardin has introduced a cutting-edge information display designed to optimize yachts’ choice of anchorage points when mooring alongside global shores. To craft this watch’s manually wound Manufacture mechanical caliber, Ulysse Nardin has used its very best watchmakers, who have worked with remarkable dedication alongside those from the Christophe Claret manufacture, a brand universally recognized for designing innovative watch complications in its workshops.

The powerful beating heart of the watch has a diameter of 37 mm, features 504 components, and is wound by hand. It guarantees a power reserve of 80 hours at a cruising speed of 21,600 vibrations per hour, with the tourbillon moving at 60 rotations per hour (or one rotation every 60 seconds). Its first role is to provide an analog time display, giving a three-dimensional presentation of the phases of the Moon. It contains a mechanism that displays the height of the tides in real time in relation to a specific location, in addition to indicating the seasonal coefficients. Once the mechanism has been adjusted by the action of the winding-crown, the position of this is measured in a window opened up in the side of the watch-band in the same way as the screen of a Chadburn Telegraph.





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