Gulf Craft Reveals Their Magnificent Tri-Deck — Majesty 120

  1. Jeremy
  2. October 4, 2019 2:47 pm

Gulf Craft Reveals Their Magnificent Tri-Deck — Majesty 120


“With the Majesty 120, everything except for the engines and generators are electrically powered – from the fin stabilisers to the thrusters and steering, from the balconies to the passerelle, all services onboard will not require any use of hydraulics. Listening to market demands for more efficiency as well as more comfort onboard, the Majesty 120 not only meets these demands but represents a new era of Majesty Yachts around the world. Building on the quality and innovative design of the other models, the new model represents the best of the shipyard’s flagship brand.”

Onboard, she accommodates up to 10 guests over five staterooms in a clever asymmetric layout. A total of seven crew are also accommodated onboard. Among the impressive features is a Jacuzzi on the sun deck, as well as a hybrid beach club. Another example of innovative design and engineering, the beach club is convertible to a storage unit to ensure maximum fun on the water. Offering flexibility to owners, the VIP stateroom entertainment area can be transformed into a spacious lounge quarter on the lower deck.

The Majesty 120 represents a revolution, not only for Gulf Craft but for the entire luxury yacht industry. She is the first-ever Majesty Yacht model to be completely electrically powered and, apart for the engines and generators, no hydraulic systems are used onboard. By doing so, Gulf Craft has created a noise-free environment as well as created a more efficient construction process that leads to a care-free maintenance lifespan for every owner. Paul Gray, Chief Operating Officer at Gulf Craft, explains: 

“Eliminating hydraulic systems around the yacht will lead to less maintenance, fewer opportunities for mechanical failure, decreased noise and the complete elimination of pipes with high-pressure oil around the boat. Everything is always efficiently monitored from the main control screens – in other words, this system offers more comfort for owners and guests and less work for the crew, ultimately resulting in better service and operations on board.

“Recent innovations in this technology allow for more and more electrically operated aspects of new yachts. We’re proud at Majesty Yachts to be leading the industry in order to offer clients the yachts of the future.”

Majesty 120 (3)

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