Glenfiddich 50-Year-Old: An Exercise In Flawless Whisky-Making

  1. Jeremy
  2. April 16, 2021 10:25 am

Glenfiddich 50-Year-Old: An Exercise In Flawless Whisky-Making


With only 50 bottles of this single malt Scotch whisky being released every year, the Glenfiddich 50-Year-Old is as impeccable as it is hard to come by.

This extraordinary whisky is the result of over 100-years of practiced craft, traditions handed down by five generations, and spirited artistry. The stellar whisky was initially sparked by the original vatting from just nine casks that paid tribute to each of William Grant’s nine children, who helped to build Glenfiddich by hand.

This exquisite whisky is drawn from two excellent casks, both matured for 50 years. Glenfiddich’s Malt Master joined them with exacting care to craft a flawlessly harmonious aroma and flavour.

Presented in a hand-blown bottle, individually numbered in wax and finished in Scottish silver by Thomas Fattorini, a sixth-generation silversmith — each bottle of Glenfiddich’s 50-Year-Old single malt whisky is carried in hand-woven silk and encased in hand-stitched leather, for unrivalled quality both inside and out.

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All images courtesy of Glenfiddich 

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