Glashütte Original Unveils Its Future-Forward, Ultra-Sophisticated New Wristwatch

  1. Jeremy
  2. June 10, 2019 3:59 pm

Glashütte Original Unveils Its Future-Forward, Ultra-Sophisticated New Wristwatch


Glashütte, a little Saxon town, has long been a place where elegance and mechanics have combined to create meticulously crafted timepieces. In 1920, the master watchmaker Alfred Helwig gave the tourbillon the illusion of weightlessness by anchoring the mechanism to just one side.

Now Glashütte Original reveals Alfred Helwig’s invention in a future-forward and ultra-sophisticated iteration. The Saxon manufactory has combined a flying tourbillon with a second-stop mechanism, zero reset and minute detent for the very first time, ensuring the time can be set with far superior precision. This world-first edition in platinum is limited to just 25 pieces and is officially certified as a chronometer.

Whether cantilevered (“flying”) or anchored with a bridge in the classical manner: this “whirlwind” turns — together with the whole oscillation and escapement system — on its own axis. Back in the day, this made it possible to counter the impact of gravity on the rate performance of pocket watches. With contemporary wristwatches, the tourbillon serves to demonstrate the maker’s exemplary horological expertise, which aficionados around the globe are certain to appreciate.

The 42 mm platinum case houses a movement with highly refined decorative finishes. Beneath the off-centre, galvanic blue dial, interesting views emerge from the combination of different levels and finishes. The dial and Flying Tourbillon rise like little towers over the upper and lower halves of the movement, resulting in a remarkable three-dimensional effect. The open design and a partially transparent sapphire crystal ring bearing the seconds scale draw the viewer’s gaze into the depths of the watch. A collection of lovely hand engravings and the classic Glashütte stripe finish round off the decoration.






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