‘Fragrances’ Bar At The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin

  1. Jeremy
  2. March 21, 2017 6:27 am

‘Fragrances’ Bar At The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin

Fragrances bar 2
The Ritz-Carlton in Berlin is the very “first bar dedicated to the art of cocktails in combination with the world of perfume and aromas.” The basis of this concept is informed by your experiences and memories, with each drink offering a different aroma for you to lose yourself in.

Serving as a foundation from which to launch, fragrances by eminent brands such as Giorgio Armani, L’Artisan Parfumeur and Annick Goutal, Yves Saint Laurent and Guerlain, were used by creator and bar manager Arnd Heissen.

fragrences Bar1Presented as an exhibit of sorts, fifteen of the cocktails are set out with both ingredients and spirits on display for the patron to peruse. The creative presentation utilises a selection of eclectic objects such as bird houses, a wooden shrine and a meter-long bamboo stick to hold customers’ attention.

In the same vein of wine pairing, snacks are also provided to complement the fragrances. For example, the Macaron Énorme with vanilla and raspberries is paired with the Signorina, a cocktail inspired by the eponymous fragrance by Salvatore Ferragamo.
In addition to all of this luxury, the hotel, as an accompaniment to the perfume house Frau Tonis Parfum, is making available a Luxury Perfume Weekend that includes a fragrance workshop, champagne, canapés and exotic fruits in the perfumery at Checkpoint Charlie, and more of Heissen’s cocktails in the evening. Luxury personified this is!

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