Everyday Objects by Tiffany & Co. Inspire Eco-friendliness

  1. Jeremy
  2. May 9, 2018 9:41 am

Everyday Objects by Tiffany & Co. Inspire Eco-friendliness


Tiffany & Co’s Crazy Straws from the unique Everyday Objects collection offer a traditional, bendable straw, embellished by the signature Tiffany blue accent in enamel. The striking, sterling silver straws are available in three colors: silver – priced at $335; gold, and rose-gold vermeil – priced slightly higher at $470.

Tiffany has crafted other distinctive items too, with creative details like ladybugs and dragonflies, as well as a wonderful monkey straw with a silver vine wrapped around it (SGD $570).

In addition, Tiffany and Co’s Everyday Collection boasts reusable pieces to inspire you to make more eco-friendly choices. Just take a look at the Tiffany cups that pay homage to the normal paper cups used at stores. They come in the signature Tiffany hue for the bone china cups, as well as sterling silver if you’re looking to add some colour coordination alongside your Tiffany straw.

Unfortunately, coffee and tea are a no-go as it doesn’t take heat well. But thankfully, there is a coffee can, made of sterling silver, that will add some stunning luxury to your morning routines.



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