Early Painting by Diego Velazquez Sells for USD 8.7 million

  1. Jeremy
  2. May 17, 2017 1:12 pm

Early Painting by Diego Velazquez Sells for USD 8.7 million


‘Portrait of A Girl’, featuring a young girl with forlorn eyes and hands together, is thought to be an early piece by Sevillian artist Diego Velazquez. Velazquez is famous for his masterpiece ‘Las Meninas’, which is currently on display in Madrid’s Prado Museum.

Velazquez is thought to have painted it around 1616 or 1617, when he was just 17 or 18 years old and still residing in the southern Spanish city of Seville, said the auction house. The artwork has been in the same family for several generations, but had never been correctly analysed until the owner made the decision to put it up for sale.


Richard de Willermin, an expert on 17th century Spanish art and frequent collaborator with the auction house, inspected the small oil on canvas painting and determined it was created by Velazquez.

Experts at the Prado Museum have also appraised the painting, but the museum has not commented publicly as it never gives opinion about works that are not part of its own collection.

The painting’s starting price had been eight million euros (USD 8.7 million), Abalarte said, but there was no higher bidding.

An unhurried and scrupulous artist, Velazquez is thought to have crafted less than 200 works in his career. About 120 survive to this day, with roughly half of them residing in the Prado.

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