Bentley Golf Centenary Set Unites The Worlds Of Luxury & Craftsmanship

  1. Jeremy
  2. July 8, 2019 4:26 pm

Bentley Golf Centenary Set Unites The Worlds Of Luxury & Craftsmanship


The limited edition Bentley Golf Centenary Set brings luxury and craftsmanship together effortlessly.

Limited to only a hundred sets, the Centenary Golf collection commemorates Bentley’s 100 years at the top of British luxury motor vehicle manufacturing, marrying technology with classic craftsmanship and superior design.

Inspired by the new Continental GT, the embellishments on the range of clubs touch on Bentley’s singular diamond knurling, which decorates the club grips, and the legendary haunch exterior styling-line which is outlined across the club heads.

Touches of Centenary Gold are impeccably utilised throughout the collection, mirroring the gold details that appear on every Bentley built during the centenary year. This gold detailing has been meticulously woven into the products to create a striking aesthetic on and off the golf course.

The high-performance clubs are crafted from carbon fibre, titanium and aluminium, while the bag and head covers are also made from real carbon fibre panels containing the same Centenary Gold detailing as the clubs. Paying tribute to the earlier years of Bentley, replicas of the unique wheel centre caps from the famous EXP Speed 8 winning Le Mans car decorate both the wood heads and grip end caps.

Centenary Sets are priced at £12,000 and are available to order now.

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