Benetti’s 65-Meter Custom Yacht Is Coming Together

  1. Jeremy
  2. January 13, 2020 4:21 pm

Benetti's 65-Meter Custom Yacht Is Coming Together


Luxury yacht purveyor Benetti has combined the steel hull and aluminium superstructure of their forthcoming 65-meter custom yacht — FB274 — at their Livorno shipyard. Fitting-out will begin soon, with delivery projected for the first half of 2021.

Nearly 30 technical staff, crane operators and engineers took part in connecting the hull and superstructure of the impressive FB274. To facilitate this endeavour, the Benetti team planned for a welded bi-metal component at the join point between the boat’s hull and upper section from the very beginning.

Upon commencement of the operation, performed in perfectly synced partnership with the Lusben team, the hull of the FB274 was moved from the shed (where construction occurred) to the exterior yard with the assistance of special trolleys. It was in this environment of focused concentration, that the 55 tonne superstructure was positioned over the hull by a crane with a lift capacity of 500 tonnes.

The joined hull and superstructure were then returned to the shed to be completed. The welding process will take place over the coming four weeks, followed by fitting out prior to the aforementioned planned delivery in 2021.




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