A Jeff Koons Piece Will Be Auctioned For $50+ Million At Christie’s

  1. Jeremy
  2. May 10, 2019 12:58 pm

A Jeff Koons Piece Will Be Auctioned For $50+ Million At Christie’s


Jeff Koons began his art career by using cost-effective, everyday objects in modern art and then putting them atop a small mirror, in front of yet another small mirror. He described this as “Entering the Objective Realm”. Fast forward to today, and his artworks are worth millions of dollars. His piece, ‘Rabbit’, is no different and is being auctioned at Christie’s for a staggering $50+ Million.

“When it was released in 1986, [it] would not only shake the art world to its core, but alter the course of popular culture as we now know it,” Alex Rotter, who’s responsible for Post-War and Contemporary Art at Christie’s, told Forbes. “For me, Rabbit is the anti-David, which signaled the death of traditional sculpture—disrupting the medium in the same way that Jackson Pollock’s Number 31 permanently redefined the notion of painting. From my first day in the auction world—this is the work that has represented the pinnacle of both contemporary art and art collecting to me, and it is an immense honor to be presenting it to the auction market in May.”

The 3 1/2 foot tall, 33-year-old steel Rabbit figure is one of 11 works being auctioned from the collection of S.I Newhouse at Christie’s, the previous owner of publishing house Conde Nast. Koons is also famous for Balloon Dog (Orange), a piece of art that was purchased for US$58.4 million at  Christie’s New York’s 2013 Post-War and Contemporary Art auction. This cements Koons as the most expensive living artist on earth.



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