2014 Legacy 650E: Luxurious, Spacious & Quiet

  1. Jeremy
  2. March 12, 2018 12:18 pm

2014 Legacy 650E: Luxurious, Spacious & Quiet


This pre-owned 2014 Legacy 650E by Embraer is about to be put up for sale. Featuring three zones making up a large, spacious cabin, this private jet can accommodate 14 passengers, offering both comfort and productivity.

“An aircraft like the Legacy, which is a worldwide aircraft, can take us to these locations at our will. So having the Legacy 650 with its internal space that allows us to conduct meetings and rest and operate as an extension of our headquarters gives us great advantage in this highly competitive world, where time is money,” says Andre Fodor, Chief Pilot, Johnsonville.

Other remarkable features include the biggest inflight baggage compartment in its class, full berthing, lovely leather seats, an ample galley, and two lavatories. What’s more, it also offers one of the quietest flight experiences in class with surprisingly low operating costs for a transcontinental range.

“There is no aircraft in the category that offers the same comfort for passengers, internal space, baggage space. And even aircraft in a class above the Legacy are behind in comparison,” comments Carlos Alberto de Azevedo, Pilot.


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