150 Wooster in SoHo is an Exercise in Chic Luxury

  1. Jeremy
  2. January 12, 2018 1:15 pm

150 Wooster in SoHo is an Exercise in Chic Luxury


To the normal property developer, the New York SoHo area doesn’t offer the easiest space to build. Empty lots are rare and many of the surviving facades need zone changes or new permits, and, on top of that, the New York SoHo neighbourhood is situated in an historic area.

With all this said, however, property developer KUB Capital has managed to carve out a luxury niche to create some of the coolest luxury New York lofts in SoHo. A lovely example of this is 150 Wooster.

KUB Capital created the luxurious 150 Wooster as an eight-story, six-unit New York loft. It took over three years of planning and multiple city approvals to get the chic development finalised.

Initially focused on townhouse expansion in Brooklyn, KUB lucked upon the sale of 150 Wooster in New York’s SoHo area in 2014.

According to Olshen Realty, KUB’s bid for 150 Wooster was closed for close to $51 million.

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