Alessandro Franconetti

Alessandro Franconetti



Music Design and Sensorial Communication, Paris

Alessandro Franconetti is an affirmed italian music stylist, living in Paris, who creates sensorial landscapes by selecting sounds and scents for luxury and fashion brands all over the world.

Born in Rome in ’78, he has long lived in the United States between San Francisco and New York City, where he has studied communications at the University of San Francisco and earned a master degree at the New York University. He has gained wide experiences in communication, branding and marketing applied to luxury products and fashion and his knowledge of music is almost enciclopedic. His approach is very peculiar since it combines his marketing expertise in luxury products and his knowledge and passion for the arts. For him, sound and scents are cutting edge tools of communication.
In 2012, Alessandro decided to merge all of his expertises in the Alessandro Franconetti – Music Design Studio, with the goal of supporting brands in communicating their goals and identities through sensorial communication and marketing campaigns involving music and scents.

Due to his great passion, peculiar personality and wide experience, Alessandro is often invited by the media to talk about music, communication and luxury.


Phone: +33 6 45615647