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Luxury News

  • The Mercedes-Benz Eat Out Awards Results

    The Mercedes-Benz Eat Out Awards Results

    Tuesday, November 18th
    With the advent of popular shows such as Masterchef and The Naked Chef, the culinary industry has received a boost in popularity the world over. It’s exposed a whol
  • Garrett McNamara x Mercedes-Benz

    Garrett McNamara x Mercedes-Benz

    Monday, November 17th
    Mercedes-Benz is currently producing two surfboards for Garrett McNamara to take along to the Portuguese coastline with him. This marks the second phase of the bounda
  • Galaxies in Gold!

    Galaxies in Gold!

    Friday, November 14th
    Hot on the heels of the gold-plated iPhone 6 comes a 24-carat gold-plated Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Created by British company Goldgenie, who specialise in opulent device
  • Space...the Final Frontier

    Space...the Final Frontier

    Thursday, November 13th
    Appearing as if from the depths of the universe, the MB&F Starfleet Machine is a timepiece that resembles – albeit tenuously – the space station from the popu
  • The Pillar by Stellé Audio

    The Pillar by Stellé Audio

    Wednesday, November 12th
    Luxury audio master Stellé Audio has just released its latest innovation in sound technology, the Pillar. The Pillar is expressly designed to bridge the gap between
  • Ferretti Group Goes Mega! Mega-yacht, That Is...

    Ferretti Group Goes Mega! Mega-yacht, That Is...

    Tuesday, November 11th
    Luxury company Ferretti Group plans to embark on the challenging endeavour of building a line of Riva mega-yachts. This planned range will boast an impressive length
  • Reach for the Star (Yacht)

    Reach for the Star (Yacht)

    Monday, November 10th
    Futuristic, sleek and otherworldly, the Star Yacht appears to be just that – a spacecraft sailing the seas instead of the stars. The concept comes courtesy of Itali
  • Gorah Elephant Camp Holiday Deals

    Gorah Elephant Camp Holiday Deals

    Friday, November 7th
    Gorah is the only private camp in the famous Addo Elephant National Park, which is nestled in the wild of the Eastern Cape. The exclusive lodge brings to mind safaris